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 Unfaded memories

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PostSubject: Unfaded memories   Unfaded memories Icon_minitimeThu Aug 09, 2007 3:00 pm

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A Full moon start like magnificent star of the night
Just when I stare, I see your face in the sky
It was smiling back at me, then I remember when we used to be
Sigh, then I start to reminisce our past

I remember just as you came
A man with dignity standing in front of me
With full of love and promises on your face
Smiling like no other else but me

We used to laugh like no lonely days
When I cry how you make it gay
Everyday was always a brighter day
Like painted memories that will never fade away

I used to believe that you are mine
For all the time I think everything is fine
I never imagine your love was just a lie
You left me with all the tears in my eyes

What happen now to the love you once promise?
Heaven and earth you said you will give
What I had are tears and misery
Now you tell me goodbye for our tomorrows

All I can say is thank you to the love we once had
What we had is not good or bad
Those are past that I should never look back
Facing my new day with a brand new start

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By: lena

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Unfaded memories
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